Typical Basque food: the best restaurants in Bilbao

Typical fish from Bilbao
Typical fish from Bilbao
Basque cuisine is known for its culinary tradition and unique flavors
Typical Basque food: the best restaurants in Bilbao

Bilbao, the largest city in the Basque Country, is especially famous for its restaurants, which offer authentic and delicious dishes. If you want to get to know it through its gastronomy, it is a great decision.

In this article, we present you the best restaurants in the city to taste authentic Basque cuisine. From traditional dishes to creative culinary preparations, this gastronomic guide will take you to discover the diversity and richness of Basque cuisine in Bilbao.

The cuisine of the Basque Country combines local ingredients and unique culinary techniques to create typical and authentic dishes. Among the most famous specialties we find pintxos, tapas, and steak.

Furthermore, the training and quality of its chefs is known for their creativity and ability to reinvent traditional dishes with innovative culinary techniques, not in vain for the number of restaurants with Michelin stars or other international awards that the city has.

  1. Deustoarrak
  2. La Campa de los ingleses
  3. Lasa Restaurant
  4. La Taberna de Zarate
  5. Restaurante Egaña Bar
  6. Dena Ona Restaurante



It is a cafeteria and restaurant in Bilbao with outstanding vintage decoration that serves pintxos and a menu of Basque recipes. It is known for having one of the best potato omelettes in the city and is recommended for its good service and cozy atmosphere.

They offer a wide variety of tortillas and also have dishes such as belly salad, croquettes, cod cocochas and Iberian sirloin. the service is friendly and attentive. It has an elevator for wheelchairs. It is an ideal place to enjoy traditional Basque food in a cozy atmosphere.

La Campa de los ingleses

This San Mamés tavern is a spectacular place for football lovers and especially for Athletic Club fans. The site takes its name from the British sailors who played soccer in the 19th century, which was the origin of the sport in Bilbao.

The place offers views of the San Mamés field from its windows and has good food and drinks with a victory atmosphere. Customers can enjoy pintxos, sandwiches and menus at affordable prices. Wheelchair accessibility is good, with a lift and adapted bathroom available.

Lasa Restaurant

Lasa Restaurant is located in a modern and cozy space. The team works to seek excellence in raw materials and create a unique cuisine, based on flavor and return to the product.

The place has a pintxos bar and offers daily menus, special menus and prearranged menus for groups of 6 people or more. The restaurant has a terrace and a glass-roofed dining room where customers can enjoy a relaxed meal with a glass of wine or a cocktail.

La Taberna de Zarate

La Taberna de Zárate is an ideal place to enjoy traditional Basque food and pintxos in Bilbao. It stands out for its extensive snack menu with local products from the Cantabrian Sea and the baserris (hamlets) of the interior. Its specialty is the exquisite Periko potato omelette, which is accompanied by a variety of high-quality wines and beers.

The place has a pintxos bar and friendly and attentive service from the staff. Prices are reasonable and value for money is excellent. Without a doubt, a recommended place to enjoy the essence of Basque gastronomy.

Restaurante Egaña Bar

The Egaña Bar Restaurant is a mythical place in Indautxu, more than 25 years old. It offers traditional cuisine with avant-garde touches and a wide variety of pintxos and tapas at its bar. It has a large cellar of good wines and a staff prepared to give the best to customers.

The service is friendly and fast, and the atmosphere is cozy and familiar. Their top quality and seasonal products stand out, as well as their homemade desserts and their pastry shop. It is an ideal place to enjoy good drinks and watch Athletic football matches. Great value for the price.

Dena Ona Restaurante

It stands out for its homemade and traditional Basque food, including pintxos and tapas, as well as vegetarian dishes. The service is very good, friendly professionals at the bar and dining room. The atmosphere is cozy, with a tastefully renovated premises.

They offer a menu of the day and a la carte, with well-prepared and generous dishes. Some recommended dishes are the squid in its ink and the pintxo tortilla. In addition, the premises are wheelchair accessible and suitable for children.

Basque cuisine is one of the most recognized and appreciated in the world. Its gastronomic richness and its variety of dishes and flavors are a reflection of the rich culture and culinary tradition of this region of northern Spain.

With its wide variety of pintxos, tapas and traditional dishes, regional preparations are a true delight for lovers of good food, which is why we have prepared for you the best Basque cuisine restaurants in Bilbao.