All Italian restaurants in Bilbao

Discover the best Italian restaurants in Bilbao
Discover the best Italian restaurants in Bilbao
Italian cuisine is undoubtedly one of the favorite options when choosing a place where you can enjoy tasty, varied and healthy food.
All Italian restaurants in Bilbao

Italian gastronomy is very popular in any corner of the planet, and has a very high offer in Bilbao. Numerous restaurants in the city offer citizens the option of getting closer to the flavors of Italy.

If you like Italian cuisine you are in luck, since Bilbao has a long list of Italian restaurants in the heart of the city. An infinite number of delicious pizzas, calzones, lasagnas, carpaccios, antipasti, gnocchi, ravioli. and spaghetti await you in countless corners of the city.

If you want to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine in the city of Bilbao, you just have to go to any of these popular restaurants:

  1. Casa Leotta Bilbao
  2. Pasta y Pizza Grossi
  3. IL Basilico
  4. Toscana Etxean
  5. Burro Canaglia Bar&Resto
  6. San Telmo Pastificio
  7. Restaurante Don Ángelo
  8. IL Giardino Della Nonna
  9. Coppola Bilbao 
  10. La Tagliatella

Map Italian Restaurants in Bilbao

If you want to have the best restaurants located, don't miss the following downloadable map of the Italians of Bilbao. This map allows you to read the corresponding information for each restaurant using QR codes. In addition, you can download it to have it on your mobile or print it to take with you wherever you go.

Mapa de los mejores restaurantes italianos de Bilbao

Italian food has gained great popularity around the world thanks to its spectacular flavors. The most significant characteristics offered by these Bilbao restaurants are their wide gastronomic offer, the quality of the food, since they are part of the Mediterranean diet and the high presence of products from the land, such as fruits and vegetables.

This gastronomy is characterized by its preparations with abundant vegetables, fruits, meats, fish, rice, pastas, breads and without a doubt some of its typical dishes are pizza, pasta and risotto, something that in Bilbao you will find in the restaurants above. listed.